It's funny how your biography changes over time. Now that I'm in my forties and have over ten years of personal training experience, I realize that results are important, but only if they are important to my client. For some of my clients, it's enough just to stretch out, move around and work up a good sweat while they're working with me. For others it's about staying strong, mobile and flexible as they get older.  Lifting heavy weights and losing weight is no longer the most important thing; staying active and self-reliant is.

I've also learned to treasure and share in every victory that my clients may experience; whether it's substantial weight loss, a personal best in the gym or an athletic event that they never thought they could complete. That's what keeps me coming back to the gym.


Brandon torres - ACE CERTIFIED

Brandon's training philosophy is not based on the latest episode of "The Biggest Loser" or what you may have seen on some popular YouTube channel. His philosophy is grounded in common sense and sound fitness principles that have been tested and proven over time. His extensive fitness education and diverse coaching experience contribute to Brandon's unique ability to communicate and form quality relationships with a broad spectrum of clients, while helping them to move better and discover their full fitness potential.

Brandon graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a bachelor's degree in Kinesiology and has earned his personal training certification from the American Council on Exercise.